Brief history of the company


the beginning our company was established as an office in the name of (shipment) for customs clearance in 1974 in Baghdad at Muthanna airport site, when the office business increased another branch was opned in ArAr on the Iraqi and Saudi borders in 1980.

After opening of Baghdad international airport the main office were established in Abu Ghraib and Al shajalia border crossing and sea ports in Um Qasr and Abu Flus and the northern ports.

Then in 2004 other branches were added to the main office in Trebil on the Iraqqi borders,the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan Walled Al Rabiah on the Syrian borders.

After opening the airports of the Kurdistan region of Iraq branches were added at the office in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airpots ,as well as the land borders in Bashmakh and Ibrahim Al-khalil.

With the development of the offices business and the addition of its own commercial business it was converted and after obtaining official approvals , it was transferred from the office to Shipment for General trade.

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